Gondavana Services Pvt. Ltd. is a boutique IT consultancy and various training service provider, with a special focus on India and Japan.

We also are engaged in selected but interesting initiatives in our areas of expertise to create innovative products.


We provide IT consulting and development services to help businesses bridge market barriers, especially to and from India and Japan.

  • Advising both Indian and Japanese clients, including startups, in finding partners and marketing opportunities.
  • Consulting to Indian firms in areas ranging from business process optimization, project management coaching, cross-cultural communication methodology, to how to penetrate foreign markets, Japan in particular.
  • Advising firms from Japan and other countries how best to take advantage of India's superior outsourcing capabilities, especially in the e-publishing area. We also provide advice on how to best optimize operational processes and maximize management leadership when working in the Indian business environment.

Our domain expertise lies in the area of Internet, innovative technoligies, online advertisement and search marketing, and globalization and localization.


Our business initiatives include:

  • e-book monetization (coming soon...)
  • Books You Touch, a unique platform for interactive e-books.
  • Bodily Mind, a community to promote healthy lifestyle.